2013 NGDPLT Summit: Copenhagen


The 8th Quarterly Meeting will be held in Copenhagen and take a detailed look at the theoretical desirability and political feasibility of NGDP level targeting being adopted in the UK. It is an attempt to bring together a broad group of people interested in Market Monetarism.

Here's the agenda:

Monday May 13th 

12:30pm: Meet for lunch

Then: Tour of Danske Bank

Then: Visit to CEPOS for discussion

Session 1: Theory
  • Why free market economists should take NGDP targets seriously
  • Some Austrian considerations for NGDP targets
  • What would Hayek say about NGDP targets?
Session 2: Policy
  • Towards a market in NGDP futures
  • Political strategy - how should we be positioned in the political debate
  • An actual strategy for implementing reforms to UK monetary policy 

Then: Dinner

Tuesday May 14th 


Attendance is strictly by invitation only.