Average weekly earnings

It seems very hard to find data on UK nominal wages. Last year Britmouse wrote a post where he attempted to calculate nominal hourly wages relative to per capita NGDP. He says,

The ONS does not have an “official statistic” for nominal hourly wages, but they do publish some data in a spreadsheet in the Labour Market stats, which is updated quarterly.

This can be found by searching for "EARN08" at the ONS. I'm assuming that the reason nothing happens when I click on this is because I'm on a Mac?

Either way, I can't see the historic time series is. So I thought I'd just take a look at the simplest measure from the monthly Labour Market Statistics. The easiest way to find it is by clicking on the unemployment figure on the ONS front page. In the reference tables there's two options of interest:

  • EARN01: Average Weekly Earnings
  • EARN08: Distribution of Gross Hourly Earnings (as above)

Here's the AWE data: