Important updates to MA compilation

In January 2012 we made some important updates to our measure of the money supply (MA). These were primarily an attempt to simplify the compilation and ensure that the series we were using were compatible across various reporting institutions. Whilst the previous measure used various asset classes from the Bank of England's Divisia tables as the starting point, the new measure is simply defined as:

MA = Currency + Demand deposits

MA is really a measure of the money stock, as opposed to the money supply, and the chart below shows the total amount for as far back as the Bank of England data goes (Janaury 2010).

The chart below shows the difference between the growth rates in the 2011 measure of MA and the 2012 measure. This is obviously a major difference since the new compilation method is now pointing to a steadily increasing rate of monetary expansion, as opposed to a continued monetary contraction. We will continue to look into these issues and provide updates.